File class contains methods that assist in working with files.

Returns true if the File exists.

if (File::exists('filename.txt')) {
  // Do something...

Delete file


Rename file

File::rename('filename1.txt', 'filename2.txt');

Copy file

File::copy('folder1/filename.txt', 'folder2/filename.txt');

Get the File extension.

echo File::ext('filename.txt');

Get the File name

echo File::name('filename.txt');

Get list of files in directory recursive

$files = File::scan('folder');
$files = File::scan('folder', 'txt');
$files = File::scan('folder', array('txt', 'log'));
$files = File::scan('folder', array('txt', 'log'), false);

Fetch the content from a file or URL.

echo File::getContent('filename.txt');

Writes a string to a file.

File::setContent('filename.txt', 'Content ...');

Get time(in Unix timestamp) the file was last changed

echo File::lastChange('filename.txt');

Get last access time

echo File::lastAccess('filename.txt');

Returns the mime type of a file.

echo File::mime('filename.txt');

Forces a file to be downloaded.


Display a file in the browser.


Tests whether a file is writable for anyone.

if (File::writable('filename.txt')) {
  // do something...

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