Fansoro 2.0.0 Release

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to introduce Fansoro 2.0.0 with a lot of changes :)
Fansoro 2.0.0 has totaly new Architecture, improved Security and amazing Performance.

Here is a list of major changes in 2.0.0:

  • Improved Fansoro Architecture.
  • Improved Fansoro Security.
  • Improved Default Fansoro Theme.
  • Improved Fansoro Configurations System.
  • Added Fansoro Smart Cache based on Doctrine Cache with ability to choose any cache driver.
  • Added Minimum PHP version support is 5.5
  • Added Composer Support.
  • Added Fansoro /boot/ directory with defines.php, shortcodes.php, actions.php filters.php
  • Added New Classes: Action, Filter, Blocks, Cache, Config, Pages, Template, Yaml, Plugins.
  • Added New Config file: system.yml to store system settings.
  • Added New Pages::getCurrentPage() and Pages::updateCurrentPage() public methods.
  • Added New Pages::display() public method.
  • Added New Pages actions before_page_rendered and after_page_rendered
  • Added Shortcode and Markdown parsers as a content filters.
  • Added Fenom Storage to store data in Fenom.
  • Added Output buffering.
  • Added New Theme $config variable instead of {$.config}
  • Added ability to configure of display errors. Default value is false - for production.
  • Added and used Composer Autoloader instead of Force Autoloader.
  • Added .gitignore, composer.json and .gitkeep instead of .empty
  • Added New Action on theme_meta with meta generator information.
  • Removed BLOCKS_PATH and PAGES_PATH constants.
  • Removed constants: site, fenom, theme, page, plugins and actions from Fansoro Class.
  • Removed force, fenom, parsedown and spyc from libraries directory, and libraries also removed.
  • Removed Fenom Config file fenom.yml
  • Removed Actions before_render and after_render
  • Removed Fansoro Installer.


Fansoro 2.0.0

Update from Fansoro 1.1.4 to Fansoro 2.0.0

  1. Backup your Site First!
  2. Download Fansoro 2.0.0
  3. Unzip the contents to a new folder on your local computer.
  4. Upload /vendors/, /fansoro/, /themes/default/, /index.php, /config/system.yml with an FTP client to your host.
  5. Remove /libraries/ from your host.

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