Fansoro 1.1.0 Release

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to introduce Fansoro 1.1.0 with a lot of changes :)

Here is a list of major changes in 1.1.0:

  • Added Fansoro MIT LICENSE instead of GNU GPL v3
  • Added Fenom Template Engine
  • Added Force Components (Arr, ClassLoader, FileSystem, Http, Session, Token, Url)
  • Added Parsedown Lib for parsing Markdown files.
  • Added SPYC Lib for parsing YAML configurations.
  • Added new folders /cache/, /content/pages/ and /content/blocks/
  • Added ability to display PAGE BLOCKS. and Fansoro::getBlock('name');
  • Added new Fansoro and Fenom configuration files site.yml and fenom.yml
  • Added new configuration file for Fansoro default theme: default.yml
  • Added new Fansoro public method loadPageTemplate() - load page template.
  • Added new Fansoro public method parsedown() - to execute parsedown parser.
  • Added new Fansoro public method getBlock() - to get page block.
  • Added new Fansoro public static variables $site, $fenom and $theme
  • Added ability to use custom variables for page header in valid YAML format.
  • Added new page header format. Between triple-dashed lines is page header variables.
  • Added add ability to load plugins configuration and disable or enable plugins.
  • Added <!--more-- > for creating page summary text.
  • Added Fansoro Favicon: favicon.ico
  • Added robots.txt
  • Removed Fansoro configuration file Fansoro.php
  • Removed PHP Tag {php}{/php} from content parser for security reasons.
  • Removeduse <!--more-- > instead) also {fansoro_separator} and {fansoro_version} content tags.
  • Removed Fansoro private variable $page_headers. Because now you are free to set your own.
  • Removed Fansoro protected variable $security_token_name (its part of Force Token Class)
  • Removed Fansoro public static variable $config (use $site and $fenom instead)
  • Removed Fansoro constant SEPARATOR
  • Removed Fansoro methods obEval() evalPHP() cleanString()
  • Removed Fansoro method subvalSort() (its part of Force Arr Class)
  • Removed Fansoro methods checkToken() generateToken() (they are part of Force Token Class)
  • Removed Fansoro method getFiles() (its part of Force FileSystem/File Class)
  • Removed Fansoro methods runSanitizeURL() sanitizeURL() getUriSegment() getUriSegments() getUrl() (they are part of Force Http/Response and Http/Request Classes)
  • Removed Markdown plugin
  • Removed Sitemap plugin


Fansoro 1.1.0

Update from Fansoro 1.0.6 to Fansoro 1.1.0

  1. Backup your Site First!
  2. Download Fansoro 1.1.0
  3. Unzip the contents to a new folder on your local computer.
  4. Upload /config/, /themes/default/, /libraries/, /cache/, /content/, /index.php, /robots.txt with an FTP client to your host.
  5. Move all your pages from content to /content/pages/
  6. Update all your page headers in valid YAML format
  7. Set your correct url, title, description, keywords and other settings in /config/site.yml

Current supported plugins for Fansoro 1.1.0


Current supported themes for Fansoro 1.1.0

15 Bootswatch themes

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